Friday, May 22, 2009

Viral Marketing In Action: A Case Study

I keep seeing people asking for case studies of viral marketing. Having not seen an available case study online myself, rather a bunch of statistical data provided by seo and viral marketing scientist's like Dan Zarella; I thought it might be good to start one and make you a part of it. Keep in mind my network isn't entirely broad in any one social media platform, but around 500+ plus for sites like Twitter, Myspace (Ghetto), Facebook etc. So over the next few weeks I will be updating this blog with additional posts relating to the responses I am getting from everyone. Also fee free to comment at any time. I would be happy to take any feedback.

The object is very simple and basic online marketing strategy. Create a viral marketing campaign interesting enough to be able to be virally self-sustaining within a few days.

Here goes...

Where I want people to participate is in by submitting viral content as part of the viral campaign. Mainly what I am looking for is for people to go to . While your're there you'll notice several options right away one of which is posting free classifieds. You'll also notice links on the page to several radio stations live streams. After you register and create an account the next step is to create a video screenshot with whatever audio you selected from the main page. There is no preference of the software used but the video must be either made available on Youtube and you can submit a link to the email below or please submit it in .wmv, .mpg, .wma, or similar format, god even a .avi file if you have to. The idea is to make a video with you using the websites services to their full potential. The video only needs to last 2-3 minutes and needs to include audio from one of the staions on our website.

There will be a contest that follows for the best submitted video where the winner will win a $250 Predpaid Visa Mastercard for their effort in submitted the best video. In addition all the participants videos will be made available on and updated several times daily until we reach our goal. In addition we will also be tweeting every new video posted. In turn our accounts are also picked up by several other feed burners and brand identity management resoures like

We will be having a great time hopefully laughing at some of the videos produced by you creative types as the videos roll in. You can submit your viral videos to for the time being until we have a specific mail account set up to receive them in the future.

I will also be posting screenshots of related analytics data that we get from the attempt.

Hopfully this is fun project for everyone and we really get to see some positive responses from this. We look forward to hearing from you. Read set .... Action!!!

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