Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It doesn't get any easier than this. In response to Josh Klein, "20 SEO tricks for launching a new website"

This information couldn't be any more direct and to the point. These are by far some of the most beneficial internet marketing resources I have found available online. Aside from a few other simple marketing techniques that could certainly be of great benefit as well; like making sure your website's site map is up-to-date. Content is certainly king in this business still king in this business and believe it or not even having your images optimized for content can even prove to increase you websites keyword rank and additionally you rank on the search engines in the long run. In addition to these other two important tips Josh Klein didn't mention, I would also like to make sure that readers understand the importance of optimizing quality inbound links. There are high PR valued links that point back to you. Many times I see novices still linking from their business names etc. This is is of little benefit in today's market where search engines are ranking websites on keyword weight and prevalence.

That simple fact is you have to think about your marketing campaign as a whole. Everything you leave your digital imprint on should talk more about what you do and what services or products you provide as opposed to what your company name is.

For one simple reason: Ask yourself one question," " If my company is unheard of, why would they search for me? You're of course right, they wouldn't. That's why niche specific content needs to point to pertinent content and everything else is simply a waste of time.

The most important tip he gives away in his article is regarding social marketing. Being that art of writing a quality blog or or creating websites people care about (which I commented on his other useful article earlier) is so difficult in some case to manage properly, social networking really gives a us an easy way to interact with more readers and follows than ever thought possible before with print, by streamlining the way we can deliver content. Most people just don't take the time to learn to use it.

Many have learned the hard way. But if you follow the steps in Josh's article, if you are looking to manage your SEO yourself; you should be on track to launching your new website effectively.

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