Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In response to, "Websites Worth Caring About"

I recently came across this article, which was recommended through an email from my wife to me. I was sure glad after having read it, as it was in itself an article worth reading. So much of our time is often wasted chasing the new-fangled online marketing tools that promise us the world in terms of traffic delivery as compared to the small amount of money that is actually wasted on these false-claiming resources.

The internet is increasingly plagued with trendy gimmicks and the hopes of striking it rich. To sum it up, this modern day"gold rush" is so much more than what most people can even understand. Keep in mind that writing a blog is just one piece of the puzzle. A major problem I still see is that many are taking the time to try and learn what they need to know to make writing a blog and distributing it more efficient, but they aren't finding the time after to apply these principals to their strategic marketing plan. There are also many automated posting services available that many people get drawn into. But I think something often get's lost in the dynamic of posting your own content one quality link at a time. Like I always say if you are human, than act like it.

Somehow readers know the difference between you and someone who posts your content for you, especially if they know you personally. There is something that can be said of a quality blog or article linking to a quality website or other quality resource. It says something about the level of skill it took to create the emotions that translate readers and followers into sales conversions.

I very personally am glad to know that through it all good old-fashioned organic search engine related marketing through quality blogging and distributing blog content still works. Of course this is no surprise to me, but it is nice to find an article from time to time which supports the idea that us hard working marketing professionals aren't wasting our time trying to purchase these trendy optimization gadgets that don't often work.

I completely agree about the beauty of a blog it is ever changing, that was a great point that was made in the article. I would like to be able to think that every blog and blog writer evolves over time. Such evolution would seemingly signify a deeper understanding of the niche and their for the quality of the expertise in the blog content; which in turn should be represented by a greater following or a larger network or down line.

What can I say the food was good and so was the company. That is in fact what's it all about. If only other marketing blogs could communicate their purposes so effectively and eloquently.

"Quality over quantity wins again!!!!", and Josh Klein delivers that message quite well. I found this article to be a powerful message and certainly a valuable website marketing tip. Thanks so much.

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