Sunday, October 26, 2008

PPC Classroom 2.0 | Scam or Not ? | So-Called Secrets of A $24 Million PPC Affiliate

Usually this blog is geared more towards the secrets of the internet kind of genre. But after seeing this recent promotion I was appalled. Could my eyes decieve, me you decide? These so-called secrets of another $24 Million PPC Affiliate giving away their formula. This particular page was familiar to the other MLM types of websites I have seen. But something was noticably of in one part of the page. The scary part was it seemed very obvious to me that this one picture of a man in a supposed testimonial was off by alot. I looks like a typical hack cut and paste job to be perfectly honest. You can view the full size page image here. His head looks like it super-imposed on the the body. Even the background dosen't seem to match the rest of the photo. Sure the guy is in a wet suit and appears that he is at the beach but is he really? Why, on earth does his head seem to be so much bigger in proportion to the rest of his body? Now whether this is a testimant to whether this is a scam or not; you certainly will have to decide for yourself.

Being a professional marketer myself for many years now owning a marketing company you tend to noticed these things. Secrets many times often turn out to be common knowledge for many if you just look around. Just because you don't know, that dosen't make it a secret does it? The bottom line is so-called scams like this do exhist and those just starting out should be careful where you invest your money when it comes to internet products.

The sad part is I got this invitation diguised as this link from a very reliable resource. I for one won't be taking part of this program and I advise any other affiliate and MLM marketer to be wary of similar marketing traps that attempt to lie to you to help make a profit for themselves. If this stuff was this easy companies like this marketing and ad agency wouldn't be getting top dollar for their services.

One good free piece of advice I can give you is very simple to understand and it never changes in relation to those worried about wheter they are caught in a scam. Every beginner should try to try when they start out to form an alliance with someone in marketing or some one who deals with these typoes of businesses daily.

This may not be an easy task, that said since most of us out there are charging for a our services. But if you are lucky eneough to already know someone in the advertising business, it never hurts to just ask them to take a look at the products and let tell you what they think of it. Chances are if they are aren't getting excited, then you probably should avoid the supposed scam.

Most professional marketers will be able to tell you right away wether you should avoid these types of marketing gimmicks. Some of them believe it or not actually work, but they are few and far between and then again the don't al work for everyone.

Lastly, you have to ask yourself if any of these pages work all at making a million dollars from affiliate marketing through PPC than why do they all look so bad.

I have seen some really bad bages like this one. Don't these guys understand that they can get the same kind of website optimization and still have a site that looks good if they just spend a little of that money they are supposedly making.

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