Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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With the all the hype about the internet ever present in our daily lives, it becomes strikingly apparent to most of us that all the buzz about it is as strong as it ever was. With so many businesses still teetering with the notion of whether or not to bring there business into the frenzied culmination of software managed database infrastructures, while every John and Jane equivalently decides to go ahead with that personal.

If you have any clue about what’s going on out there the answer is simple, advertising. What better way for leading industries to facilitate there exponential growth than by offering their products and services in a virtual “warehouse” , a piece of real estate that is limited only by the cost of hosting in itself. Property with no property lines driven on boundless creativity as far as the imagination can stretch and purse will allow. If you have a problem chances are there is a software solution for you or your business.

To get to the point, with all the choices out there and with such a wide spectrum of products and services out there it is hard for most business owners to be able to even asses their own businesses needs in terms of getting up to speed with their competition or simply getting onboard.

Search engines and search engine optimization seem to be the way to go if you are looking to get to the top of any list. Plus these services provide a powerful means of finding information on just about anyone and anything. The only problem is if you’re looking for someone local good luck unless they have optimized their own site effectively. Congratulations to them.

Many search engines now also offer other services that entice people to stay on their systems, this gives the now ever-popular search engines a way to display the colorful advertisement they are paid to put up by the bigger corporations. Many of us at this point are blind to the ads we see and now hear everyday online; we have seen them so many times. Rationally you may see the dilemma here being that the local guys just can’t afford the cost of advertising there own colorful graphics on let’s say Google’s pages anyway. With all the spam and pop-up blockers available, really what’s the point guys? Nobody is being fooled anymore. Or were we ever?

Today if you are looking to advertise locally a real solution is hard to find, but there is an answer. brought to you by Paradox Marketing Solutions features the power of a Completely Free Classifieds Service brought to any community powered by the very business in that area.

They provide you with similar features to popular online classifieds services like As an added bonus when you advertise the business directory you can even tag your directory listing with keywords as part of the service. Plus if you are looking to get your business on the forefront of being seen you can add your businesses colorful banners or graphics that can link directly to your own businesses website.

Your can search the local business directory by city, location, business name or by words associated to your business or its product /services.

Featured is a Prize Box for registered users, where they can win free area prizes, like entertainment, movie passes, dinner, limo rides and more.

The great things is they are powered by only seacoast based businesses and are backed by Jenica Corporation a leading hosting and spam solution software firm located in Nashua,NH.

If you are a business owner looking to advertise on a local level these guys bring it all together with powerful marketing solutions your business may be missing out on. For more information please write them by visiting them online.
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