Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Twitter | Flaw or Freedom? | How To Make Your Tweets Longer

When you sign-up for an account on Twitter all you need to know about tweeting is that in being a tweeter you have to tweet. At first the simplicity Twitter provides is very confusing for the beginner. I often even still find myself tweeting my life away to people that don’t respond. But there are those that do and I appreciate all my tweets either way. The bottom line is if you tweet it, they will come and just like any other Web 2.0 social networking site you have to get followers for it to work. As a general rule of thumb, if you don’t have at least ¼ the number of people following you on Twitter you should probably cut back on the number of people you are following. Others know strangely enough when you trying to spam them.

For the most part micro-blogging is a fast and easy way to communicate very short messages to a large group of “followers”.

Keep in mind if you spam the hell out of people they probably won’t listen to you or re-tweet your tweets but they may keep you as a follower simply for the sake of PR if you have a lot of followers of your own.

Although the Twitter service is limited to 140 characters through the website and also through certain tools like Digsby and Trillion; if you are using an email service to respond to your tweets, it’s nice that longer tweets that get sent those us with direct messaging set up to our phones get to stretch the 140 charter limit a little.

Although this must be a slight flaw in the current version of the Twitter software; which I am sure they will be addressing soon, we all should be taking advantage of this unapparent Twitter bonus while you can. A perfect solution for those us that not only tweet a lot, but seem to run out of room with the 140 character limit the current Twitter version provides. Personally I thinks it great to be able to have this extra freedom from the service.

I won’t be posting a video for this one. So just enjoy the free tid-bit.

If you like this than watch my video on How Twitter Works below... in Response to another Tweet.

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